Hundreds of millions of Indian people are being held in the iron grip of deeply ingrained religions and philosophical worldviews.


25 Years in a Demonic Prison

Ron shares a story about a lady who was demonically possessed for 25 years. Her children forced her into becoming a portal to evil so they could have wealth and power. She suffered endlessly for their gain. Nine of her thirteen children died, and her health was failing miserably. Her fearsome reputation did not stop a young church planter from visiting despite many warnings of grave danger. Listen now...

Persecuted for Belief in Jesus

Nathan was imprisoned for his belief in Jesus, but this did not stop him from telling the other prisoners about Jesus. Dozens came to know the Lord, and when the new believers were released from jail, they couldn’t contain their excitement. Listen now...


SIT REPORT: God is Still at Work- Ethiopia

There are billions of devout, religious people around the world who are literally “scared to death” of dying. All the great world religions and their offshoot philosophies promise peace like a river, but none of them—no not one—can satisfy the human soul when it approaches eternity. Read more...