Church Under the Sun

Cuba has experienced a great revival for several decades that continues today. The appetite for grace and forgiveness grows as more people surrender their lives into the Lord’s hands. Nathan and Lila are a young Cuban couple who began their life in ministry shortly after being trained as pastors. They had no place to officially gather as a church, so they held services outside under the trees. After months of meeting like this, a congregation member generously provided the couple with a house, and they began conducting weekly church services in their living room. 

In Cuba, most homes are government-owned, so when officials discovered Nathan and Lila were using theirs as a church, they kicked them to the street without mercy. The young couple had nowhere else to go and ended up sleeping outside. They refused to be discouraged, however, and each Sunday, they preached the word of God outside to the listening crowd. The outdoor church thrived! Nothing could stop the Gospel from reaching the people’s hearts. 

<p>Cuban's worshiping God</p>
Cuba has experienced a great revival for several decades that continues today.

Eventually, Nathan and Lila found a place to live, and even though it was several miles away from their growing church, the couple rejoiced. Their new home was next to a prison in a neighborhood filled with drugs and prostitution. Though Lila and Nathan struggled each day to feed themselves and their children, the Lord was faithful to see them through all of their struggles. Eventually, they developed friendships with the guards of the prison and gained permission to preach the Gospel to the prisoners. This was the beginning of a fruitful ministry that continued to expand. A few years into their new adventure, Lila began feeling very sick. A doctor told her she likely had cancer and would need extensive medical help. Nathan and Lila prayed for healing and rejoiced when Lila was fully healed only a short time later. The Lord’s continued abundant faithfulness was steadfast.

Today, dozens of churches are now involved in the prison ministry that Nathan began. The Lord used their extreme poverty to bless them in ways they never could have imagined, and both Nathan and Lila praise Him for the lives they lead under His direction.

Matthew 6:33 says this: 

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Nathan and Lila have minimal material goods, but the Lord is always faithful to provide just what they need. They strive onward with their gaze directed to the heavens.

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