Demolished Jungle Church Rebuilt in Three Days

They began tearing the building apart, confiscating the wood, and leaving the tile roof in total ruins.

When Silas first became a Christian, he lived in the northern part of Vietnam but was forced to move south in order to have the freedom to gather with other Christians. In the north, if caught worshiping God, believers could go to prison. Silas started a church immediately upon his arrival in the south, inviting people into his home and sharing the Gospel. The response was incredible. Dozens accepted Jesus right away and Silas knew he needed a larger place for everyone to gather. So, he and the new Christian believers took to the jungle to gather the material that was necessary. Men, women, and children all worked together to collect enough wood to saw into lumber and build their church. It took some time but soon the church was finished, and it had a beautiful tile roof. Villagers came in increasing numbers, and the congregation grew until there were hundreds of believers gathered. Then one Sunday, the authorities arrived in great force. They began tearing the building apart, confiscating the wood, and leaving the tile roof in total ruins. Silas and the others could do nothing to stop the rampage. The police told the believers they had acted illegally by taking wood from the jungle without getting permission, but Silas knew this was not a good reason as anyone can take wood from the jungle without repercussion. Despite the loss of the church building, Silas and the other believers were undaunted. They rallied together and in 3 days had a church made of bamboo with a tin roof. The authorities continued to harass them with promises to destroy the new church, but to date, it remains untouched. Through it all, not one of the believers turned their back on Jesus despite the significant risk of continuing to serve Him. Silas and his congregation have their eye on the prize, and nothing can prevent them from finishing the race that has been set before them.

Matthew 25:21 is an excellent motivator for all of us: His master said to him, Well done, good and faithful servant. You were faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Enter into the joy of your master.’

May we be as faithful as Silas and his congregation through all the trials that come our way, as well.

They rallied together and in 3 days had a church made of bamboo with a tin roof.

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