Night School Evangelist

Angela was from Vietnam. She became a fervent follower of Jesus with a deep desire to share the Gospel. Angela was also a student. She attended a night school and knew it was the perfect place to tell others about Jesus. There was only one problem, ex-prostitutes and drug addicts took the same class as Angela. This formidable group was notorious around the campus for its disruptive behavior. Uncontrollable students made learning difficult and teaching a challenge. Knowing her class was the worst behaved one in the entire school did not deter Angela from sharing about Jesus. Her passion eventually won them over. Her classmates not only listened to her, but they all accepted Christ as their Savior. Everything changed after that. The class was transformed. They lived their lives for Jesus and no longer for their own pleasures. The students went out of their way to show their teacher how they had changed. They wanted him to see Christ in their lives. They bought him flowers, they listened as he taught, and they learned. It didn’t take long for others to see this difference. Even the president of the school noticed how the students had changed. He was curious about the cause and when he discovered Jesus was the one who had created these new lives, he began asking questions about Christianity and about Jesus. Because of their testimony and their obvious devotion to the Lord, the president of the school gave his life over to Christ. Angela’s faithfulness to tell others about the Gospel message allowed God to do amazing work.

Matthew 9:37 says: Then He said to His disciples, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

Angela saw the harvest and trusted the Lord to reap the bounty of her faithfulness.

Even the president of the school noticed how the students had changed.

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