20,000 Seek the Way

Each year in Ethiopia, Muslims gather to celebrate Mohammed’s birthday. This event is a significant occasion where large numbers of followers come together. Millions of people pray at mosques, while the leaders devote their attention to seeking the way, a designated prayer time dedicated to discovering guidance for their future. It was during this period of seeking that Daniel, a prominent leader in charge of a region of 20,000 Muslims, had a vision. In this vision, he saw Jesus. He spoke to Daniel and said, I am the way, follow Me, follow My book.” Daniel was surprised at his vision. He was intrigued at what he had seen and heard, and he wanted to learn more. He remembered a time not too long ago when he had encountered Christians working in the area and so he went to find them. Do you have a special book that describes your faith?” he asked. The Christians, excited to see Daniel, showed him the book they use to explain the Christian faith to those from a Muslim background. 

He spoke to Daniel and said, “I am the way, follow Me, follow My book.”

It was a small book that compiled key scriptures to explain the beliefs of Christianity. 

The national church leadership, in cooperation with Empower Ministries, had developed and printed this book in their language. Daniel knew right then his vision was real. The book the Christians gave him was the very one Jesus had shown him. This is it,” he cried, this is the book I saw, the one I am to study.” Daniel asked the Christians for 20,000 copies of this book. He had his mission−lead his entire region to follow Jesus.

In Acts 10:9 – 16 it says: A voice came to him, Get up Peter, kill and eat,” but Peter said, No, by no means Lord for I have never eaten anything unholy or unclean.” Again a voice came to him a second time, What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy.” This happened 3 times and immediately the object was taken up into the sky.

The book the Christians gave him was the very one Jesus had shown him.

In Peter’s vision, the Lord told Peter to do something he always thought was wrong. He challenged Peter’s beliefs with a clear directive. He did the same to Daniel and like Peter, Daniel responded in faith. Casting aside the shackles of religion, Daniel trusted the voice of God and allowed him to transform his life so he could, in kind, work alongside the Lord as he transformed the lives of 20,000 more people from Muslim backgrounds.

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