Chinese Girl Arrested

Persevering through significant challenges and Christianity go hand in hand for the faithful believers in China today. When they accept Christ they are automatically targeted by police and government officials, who are on a constant mission to stop the spread of Christianity in their communist country. As the number of believers in China continues to rise exponentially, that fear of persecution is not a concern for those who choose Christ.

Hannah is the perfect example. She surrendered her life to Jesus when she was sixteen years old and immediately attended an underground Bible School to become better equipped in sharing the Gospel. The police raided that school and despite her teacher’s claim that she was a minor, Hannah was taken into custody. At first, the police acted like they had her best interests in mind. They sent in a pastor from the government-run Three Self Church to elicit information from her. They wanted to know who oversaw the Bible School, who her teachers were, and how she became involved. Hannah saw through the man’s fabricated kindness and could not be tricked. She remained committed to Jesus and followed her teacher’s instructions to never deny her faith. When the authorities realized Hannah was not going to break, they put her in jail. A few days later, the guards handcuffed Hannah and tied her to ten other prisoners incarcerated for more serious crimes. The group was paraded around the city square so onlookers could gawk at them. Instead of the intended embarrassment and shame the guards hoped she would experience, Hannah was happy for the opportunity to share about Jesus and proud to claim the Gospel as truth. I am in prison because I am a Christian,” she said to everyone watching, My only crime is following Jesus.” People chased after her asking questions about her faith. They wanted to know why a young girl was chained to hardened criminals. Hannah remained in prison for two months. Every week for two days she was told to stand perfectly still against a wall for 48 hours. If she moved even a little bit, she was beaten with an electric rod. The agony she endured as she tried not to move, and then the inevitable beating when she did, would have been impossible if not for the hand of God that rested upon her. Guards released Hannah in the middle of the night but she had no idea where she was. She stumbled through the streets until she found her host family’s house, the very people who took care of her while she was in Bible school. When Hannah entered the home she was stunned to see sixty people gathered and praying for her safe return. Many came to know the Lord from her testimony.

In James 1:12 we read: Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial, for once he has been approved he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love him.

Hannah believes she was sent to prison to prepare her for ministry and strengthen her faith so that she could become an influential evangelist and church planter. She has her eyes on eternity and holds fast to the promise that one day she will receive the crown of life.

If she moved even a little bit, she was beaten with an electric rod.

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