Despised Tribe Experiences the Love of Christ

The Ethiopian countryside continues to see a rapid expansion of the kingdom of God. Village after village is converting to Christianity in massive numbers and there is a common thread woven throughout each individual story. One person has an encounter with Jesus and commits their life to the Gospel, then they tell their friends and family about the experience, and the cycle of transformation continues.

One church planter in the countryside of Ethiopia, who has seen the Lord move in many lives, tells the story of one community who belongs to a larger tribe in the area. This group of men and women, however, are unlike the other as they are despised outcasts without allies or friends. No one talks to them or socializes with them in any way. In the eyes of the other tribe members, these people are like lepers, the very lowest of the low. A few church planters heard about this group and made the long journey to see them, specifically to visit and share a meal. Their kindness made a huge impact. Why would you come and eat with us,” one of the villagers asked. The church planter’s reply was life-changing, Because of Jesus who loves you,” he said. All of the tribal members were overwhelmed at such love and wanted to know more about Jesus. Now a church of over 45 people exists among this despised group and they consistently share the love of Christ with their neighbours.

In Proverbs 10:12, we read this: Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all transgressions.

As believers, we are instructed to love our neighbours and our enemies alike. When this occurs, this is a sure sign of an outpouring of God’s Spirit. Ethiopian Christians are passionately sharing the Word of God with their eyes focused solely on the One who forgives all their transgressions.

No one talks to them or socializes with them in any way. In the eyes of the other tribe members, these people are like lepers, the very lowest of the low.

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