Dreams of Jesus

Eritrea is a country located in the Horn of Africa along the Red Sea. It has roots in both Christianity and Islam. Despite the country recognizing various religions, the violence against Christ followers is staggering and many believers have died over the years for their faith in Jesus. However, the danger of accepting the Gospel doesn’t prevent genuine followers of Christ from preaching the Good News. They cherish their faith and understand the cost of serving Jesus. These believers experience the Father’s grace daily and know it is entirely sufficient for all of their needs.

Aaron lives in Eritrea, and when he first encountered Jesus he had zero interest in Christianity. Then one day, when he laid down to rest and closed his eyes, he had a vision of a man in white who spoke gently to him, I am Jesus, follow Me.” Aaron was amazed at this dream, and he responded to the man with a simple question, Why should I follow you?” He woke up immediately and lay there contemplating what he had experienced. When he fell back asleep, the same man stood before him and he said again, Follow me and I will send you back to your people so they can do the same.” When Aaron woke up the second time, he hurried to find the Christian leader he first heard the Gospel from. After telling him about his dream, the leader explained all about Jesus, and Aaron quickly gave his heart to the Lord. After intensive Bible training, he began to preach the Gospel in his community to all that would hear.

In 1 Peter 3:14, we read that: Even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. And do not fear their intimidation do not be troubled.

The persecution against Christians in Eritrea remains intense and there are countless stories of families being arrested and beaten for conducting Bible studies in their homes. Aaron and others like him remain dedicated to spreading the Good News of the Gospel, knowing that the Lord is with them every step of the way.

The persecution against Christians in Eritrea remains intense and there are countless stories of families being arrested and beaten for conducting Bible studies in their homes.

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