Former Monk Turned Pastor

Nathaniel was born and raised in a strict Buddhist family in Myanmar. He grew up learning how to become a dedicated Buddhist and when he was 20 years old he honored his parents’ wishes to become a Buddhist monk. Nathaniel spent years trying to achieve nirvana, the ultimate goal of any Buddhist, which is a transcendent state of complete happiness and peace with an end to earthly suffering and death. His journey to find nirvana was full of disappointments, as there were no assurances and as much as Nathaniel worked on being better, he failed at every turn. Peace was always out of his reach. Still, he achieved some success climbing the spiritual ladder within Buddhism. He became a senior monk when he was just in his 40s after more than 20 years of effort and commitment, but he remained dissatisfied and empty inside. A few years later, Nathaniel had an encounter with a former monk, now a born-again believer who came to the monastery after gaining permission to show the monks the Jesus film. Nathaniel watched the movie and then spoke to the man about what he had seen. He accepted Jesus after their conversation. Nathaniel was 45 years old. He had given over half his life to the monastery, and now, finally, he was set free from all the worry that plagued him. Nathaniel studied the Bible and covertly taught the young monks about Jesus by putting verses into poetry. There was a need though for caution. If caught preaching the Word of God in the monastery, he could be jailed. Eventually, when he reached a point where he could do nothing more for the Kingdom in the monastery, he left to pursue active ministry outside. He remains devoted to showing other monks the love of the Lord so they too can experience the peace of mind found only in Jesus. Through his efforts, many curious hearts have discovered the Gospel and have believed its Truth. He disciples young Christians and holds Sunday services and Bible studies, teaching, praying, and leading worship.

In John 14:27, we have this promise from Jesus to hold onto: Peace I leave with you, My peace I give you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let our hearts be troubled nor fearful.

It was only when Nathaniel turned to the Gospel that he was able to experience the true peace that he could never find in Buddhism.

He had given over half his life to the monastery, and now, finally, he was set free from all the worry that plagued him.

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