Immobilized Hitman

etermined. Passionate. Tireless. These are just a few words that can be used to describe the pastors and church planters in Vietnam. Resilient and faithful are a few more. These men and women face challenges we in the West couldn’t even fathom and yet, they persevere and quietly continue the work the Lord has set before them. It’s not only inspiring but also humbling. The story that I’m about to tell you not only reveals the power of God, but it shows his enduring love for each one of us.

A national church planter, well known by the authorities for his determination to preach the Good News, lived a life on the road. He never stayed hidden or quiet and had no real place to lay his head. He went from village to village, telling others about the Gospel, finding shelter wherever he could find it in the mountains or the jungle. One day, the pastor was sleeping in a field, trying to rest before moving on to the next village which was several hours away. He didn’t know it, but a hired hitman crept toward him as he slept. He was there to kill the pastor for his blatant disregard of the authorities’ demand that he stop preaching a western religion. As he drew closer to the sleeping man, the hired killer tried lifting the machete to strike but found that his arm wouldn’t move. Every muscle was frozen in place and no matter what he did, he remained like a statue. Fear and dread filled him and he wondered where the pastor received his power for such a thing to happen. A few minutes passed before his body relaxed and he could move again. He didn’t continue with his mission, instead, he fled the scene in terror. A week later, the hitman who was still recovering from the incident, found himself face to face with the man he had been paid to kill. Despite his gnawing fear, he confessed everything. The pastor took him into his home and treated him like a special guest. He then shared the Gospel and spoke of Jesus saying he was the very reason he could never stop preaching, despite the constant threats against his life. His message was too important not to share. If you had killed me, I would go to heaven and be with my Savior,” he said with a peace the hitman had never seen before. After this, the two men prayed, one rejoicing and one repenting.

In Exodus 14:13 – 14, we read: But Moses said to the people, do not fear, stand by and see the salvation of the Lord which he will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you will never see them again forever. The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.

The pastor could sleep peacefully in the field because he knew the Lord watched over him. How incredible that our God defends us, even while we sleep.

Every muscle was frozen in place and no matter what he did, he remained like a statue.

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