Persecuted for Belief in Jesus

This knowledge, however, did not deter him from making the life-altering choice to follow Jesus.

There has never been a greater time on earth for missions than there is today. The Lord is moving in the most incredible ways in all of the spiritual hotspots worldwide. As for Ethiopia, miracles abound. Heavenly encounters continue to turn hardened hearts to Jesus and one thing is for sure, God’s plan for Ethiopia is unfolding right before our eyes. Every day thousands decide to follow Christ despite the dangers such a choice can often bring. Converting to Christianity from other religions is seldom received well by other community members, something that Nathan, a schoolteacher in the western part of the country, knows very well. This knowledge, however, did not deter him from making the life-altering choice to follow Jesus. He kept a low profile at his school to avoid raising suspicions about leaving his former religion. But the other teachers soon discovered his secret and their retaliation was swift. Someone created a false story about Nathan, and he was arrested and thrown into prison soon after. During his period of incarceration, Nathan boldly proclaimed Jesus to any man willing to listen, and 36 accepted Him as their Savior. One by one, as the men left the prison, they went out to various parts of the country and shared the Gospel. Their hope in Jesus had given them a new life and they wanted others to experience the same gift of salvation. One recently freed convict, new in his faith, came across another convict who was actively teaching how to persecute Christians. The new believer shared the Gospel just like Nathan had done in prison and the persecutor experienced a dramatic conversion. His choice to follow Christ did not go unpunished though. His peers wanted to set an example of him for abandoning his former religion. They used severe force to try to convince him to abandon his faith. But the act of violence did not deter him, and he became even more emboldened to share the Good News of Jesus. Similar to the Bible story of Joseph, the believers in Ethiopia understand how the plotting of man can be used for God’s glory.

In Genesis 50:20, we read: As for you, you meant evil against me but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to keep many people alive.

The Lord used Nathan’s prison sentence for His glory. The truth of the Gospel has sparked a wildfire in the country. Those who serve the Lord burn brightly for his purpose.

But the other teachers soon discovered his secret and their retaliation was swift.

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