Unusual Baptism Inside of Prison

Pastor Joseph, a dedicated church planter in Vietnam, felt burdened to reach out to prisoners in the local jail and share the Gospel with them. Eventually he gained permission from the police to come for a one time visit. Pastor Joseph understood how momentous a decision this was and after much prayer, he arrived ready to preach the Good News. The men listened intently, and when Joseph was finished speaking, 15 of them stood prepared to accept Jesus. The prison superintendent shockingly gave Pastor Joseph permission to come back weekly. On his first return visit, the superintendent confessed to Joseph that he hoped more men became Christians because of the difference he saw in their lives. He couldn’t believe the changes he had witnessed and the effect it was having on everyone. It makes me so very happy to see,” he said, and encouraged Joseph to continue in his efforts. Pastor Joseph returned weekly to teach the Bible to the prisoners. He was thrilled by their response and their eagerness to learn. After several weeks of seeing real change in their lives, he asked the men who had accepted Christ if they wanted to be baptized. Each one said yes and once more, the superintendent gave Joseph the permission he sought. There was only one problem, the prison had no water tanks that could be used for the baptism. But this was only a minor setback to the pastor who realized he would just have to be creative. A week later, everything was ready for the unprecedented service inside the prison. Pastor Joseph had the men sit together and at the appropriate time, after their confession of faith, he used a hose to soak then with water. The men rejoiced and proclaimed that Jesus was Lord in their lives and each one committed to becoming a church planter when their sentences were up. Pastor Joseph knew that forgiveness and hope were available to anyone who desired it and so he obeyed the Lord’s call to preach His word to those serving prison sentences.

In Isaiah 44:22, we read: I have wiped out your transgressions like a thick cloud and your sins like a heavy mist. Return to me, for I have redeemed you.

The prisoners learned a lesson that changed their lives. We are all equal in the Lord’s eyes and He has forgiven our sins.

There was only one problem, the prison had no water tanks that could be used for the baptism.

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