A Surprising Way to Start a Church

Today there are well over 600 people in his church.

A well-respected Muslim man gave his heart to the Lord and desired to start a church. He was thoughtful and careful about how he should go about such a task. He decided not to begin by telling everyone that Jesus was the only way. Instead, he felt led to start working on the Holy Days. In some villages in Ethiopia, Muslims believe that if you work on a Tuesday or a Friday, the Holy Days, you would be cursed and subsequently die because of your actions. The man understood that Jesus was far more powerful than tradition and superstition. He began to work on these Holy Days and when people exclaimed that he would soon die, he disagreed with quiet grace. When they asked him why he was carelessly risking his life, he replied, I do not fear for my God is bigger. He is stronger.” A month later when it was clear that he was not going to die, people began asking about his God. It was then that he proclaimed the name of Jesus. He explained the Gospel and invited others to surrender their lives to the one and only true God. Within 6 months, 300 Muslim young men under the age of 35 accepted Jesus as their Saviour. Today there are well over 600 people in his church.

In Acts 2:41 we read: Those who believed what Peter said were baptized and added to the Church, that day about 3000 in all.

One man’s faith and obedience to God’s call on his life opened the doors for others to experience the transformation that comes from accepting Christ.

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