Scholar Meets Jesus

Luke was a scholar. He studied the Quran in Saudi Arabia under a respected teacher. He often found himself at odds with Christians and spent 3 years fighting against them. Luke was so sure of his path, he spent his entire life preparing and studying so when a man from Egypt came to Saudi Arabia and told Luke about Jesus he was shaken. I heard his words and I felt the truth behind them. But to become a Christian meant turning my back on a lifetime of work. It felt as difficult as removing a mountain from my path,” Luke said. Yet the truth never fails, never diminishes, it was always there waiting for me and guiding me and so I did the only thing I felt I could, I gave my life to Christ.” Luke remains a teacher in the Mosque today, but there is one significant difference between him and the other teachers. Luke proclaims Jesus and the Bible as truth. His circle of influence is vast. When Luke talks to people, they listen. And that is why, for now, he remains in the mosque. The Lord is using me to reach people for his Kingdom that would never have listened to anyone else,” Luke said. I tell them that unless you believe in Jesus you are not living in the truth. Not everyone is open to the Gospel, some walk away,” he says. But a significant number of people stay to hear more.” They engage in a conversation about Jesus and their hearts begin to soften. When Luke first began telling people about Christ, he did it secretly to avoid persecution, but now it’s out in the open. There is no more hiding and people are responding to the Gospel and turning to Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Messiah.

John 8:32 says: And you will know the truth and the truth will make you free.

Luke discovered the truth and he found the freedom he never knew he needed. That is the God we serve. He sees us when we don’t know we’re lost and offers us everything.

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